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We are Dobermann & Rottweiler Kennel established and registered since 1996 in FCI. This is a site for people who love Dobermann and Rottweilers as trustworthy family protection dogs, company dogs and many times as requested prepared as therapy dogs.


Our backround in breeding lines with stability, preserving always as highest quality as we can achieve so much in appearance as much as in temperament, strong working drive, courage and guarding instincts, but most all of we give a great attention in health.

We always use the best and most recognized stud males in our breeding ,fully health tested and entered in the biggest shows all over the world.

Our aim is TO MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE with a really beautiful and healthy dobermann, companion for life!


We deal with rottweilers since childhood and follow the evolution of the breed since then.Preserving the standard we have adopted and follow the modern type of the Rottweiler breed as it has become nowdays.

Always taking care of health,temperament besides achieving a great appearance of the dog,nice type and correct anatomy. We always use in our breeding programm the best and most distinguished studs in the world.

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We have happy clients over the world!

If you are interested in a puppy or adult dog for any purpose, or you need training lessons by long experienced dog trainer, feel free to contact us !!!

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